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Combining Email + Facebook Ads Reached Customers Results

Marketers consistently strive to understand how digital channels work together to drive the customer journey. However, when it comes to two of the workhorses of digital marketing—email and advertising—we rarely get a glimpse of how they work in combination. Targeting, messaging and measurement aren’t typically coordinated across email and advertising. Salesforce Marketing Cloud teamed up with Facebook to better understand how to coordinate these channels, and to explore the impact of a people-driven approach to executing across both.

Today, we’re excited to release a new study of a leading U.S. retailer’s combined use of email and Facebook ads, which found that people who received both email and Facebook ads were 22% more likely to purchase than those exposed only to email.

Over two weeks, the online retailer targeted 565,000 email subscribers with both its regular email marketing communications and coordinated Facebook News Feed ads. The study analyzed anonymized email subscriber data, engagement data, ad impressions and transaction data to identify three exposure segments:

  • Opened email only: 18% of the people targeted opened at least one email but did not see an ad impression.

  • Saw ads only: 27% of the people targeted were only exposed to at least one ad impression.

  • Combined: 16% of the people targeted both opened the email and were exposed to an ad impression.

38% did not open the email or see an ad impression.


We were excited to see that by coordinating email and ads, the retailer retailer expanded reach by 77%.

However, when we examined the combined segment of people who both opened the retailer’s emails and saw ads, that is where we saw the magic happen:

  • The combined segment was 22% more likely to purchase than the segment who opened email but didn’t see ads. {Tweet This}

  • In addition, this segment was 8% more likely to click on email than those who opened email but did not see ads.

written by: Kyle Lacing (

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