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Top Reasons WHY Your Small Business Needs to BE ONLINE

Reasons WHY Your Small Business Needs to BE ONLINE

Still sitting on the fence, not sure if you and your business need to build an online presence?

Let me say this bluntly: While you’re still debating the amazing potential of marketing your services and products to the masses, what you’re really saying is, “Naw… don’t need more new business!” And, your competitors are grabbing your business! There is NO escaping it: people are going straight to Google for the products and services they need. No longer do they search through a phone book… that is fast becoming a thing of the past.

According to Webvisible & Nielsen, search engines are the #1 way people do business – to the tune of 3 out of every 4 people! For example, if someone is looking for any goods/service in general, 75% will begin their search on Google. What does that tell us?

If YOU and YOUR business are NOT online, you are UNSEEN and your business is going straight to your COMPETITOR. You may be missing out on huge opportunities with new types of customers.

Top Reasons WHY Your Small Business Needs to BE ONLINE:

It Extends Your Store Hours – The easiest and cheapest way to make your business available 24×7; everything you offer online is in a 24-hour, round the clock showroom. What an amazing thing! Potential customers from all over the world get to research your products or services from where they are while in the privacy of their own home. All while you’re sleeping… Your online store allows them to place the order and you’ve made the sale. Voila!

Gives You A Much Larger Audience – The Web has a way bigger reach than the few miles that surround your physical business / store. It reaches the person next door as well as the people from way across the country. Depending on your specific industry, this opens up a much wider retail sale base than any face-to-face deal ever could.

Your Competitors ARE There - Just because you don’t have a strong online presence yet does NOT mean the same goes for the competition. Just look at how you, yourself… run to the web when you need information. That speaks volume! Failing to maintain an effective online presence is hindering your potential to attract customers. YOU are not there so the search engines are not finding you in search.

It Maximizes Your Presence – There is NO better or faster way to get your message out! The traditional way of sending out flyers, mailings, or even ads in your local paper still has it’s value but also mass limitation. The beauty of online marketing is that it lets you blast out any message you have to your existing and potential customers. You can TARGET your market for the very low cost of FREE. Your hot promotion, the special fundraising event or even your brand new service/product has the ability of going VIRAL. Your message can hit the floor running from 1-10, 10-100 and 100-1000+ people in the matter of 24 hours!nes are sending them to your competitors.

Networking With Like-Minded People – Putting up your business online will propel you to meet and build relationships with other like-minded businesses like yourself – people you would never have met or been in contact with otherwise. You have the ability to own and run your own business but also the awesome possibility of working alongside the biggest scope of peers; people you trust, share and grow with. That in itself is huge and one of the biggest advantages for business people of all kinds!

Getting Customer Feedback - Taking your business online is a great way to get feedback from your customers. You can do online surveys (You might include a link to a survey on Survey Monkey — or one of the other free, easy survey tools) in a product receipt, for instance. You can also take an online poll, giving people a chance to share their purchase experience with other people. It can be blog post on your company blog, or maybe a post on your company Facebook fan page — using Social Platforms opens up new doors and ways of marketing for you.Getting a website/blog for your business has the capacity of sky-rocketing your business.

The advantage of a well designed website will help you to:

  • Build your brand

  • Market to your specific audience

  • Get to know your customers

  • Find out what is their area of need

  • And how YOU can give it to them

  • These are just a few top reasons; many not mentioned here

It’s time to take it ONLINE. Call us today:!account/con8

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