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Does your Small Business have a loyalty program? Why it should...

The mobile industry is experiencing record growth, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. The technology and progress made in the mobile world over the past decade is incredible, and there will be even more to come.

According to research done by LocalVox, 82% of small business owners rely on customer loyalty as their main source of business growth and mobile apps are perfect for increasing customer loyalty!

In addition, coupons delivered on mobile devices have 10x the redemption rate of traditional coupons. With mobile apps, customer loyalty can increase drastically with a very small investment.

Because of this boom in the mobile industry, consumers have come to expect certain things from the brands they like. Digital marketing agency Latitude recently submitted figures showing that customers have a better experience with companies that offer a mobile-friendly experience. 61% of consumers feel this way, in fact.

Some other figures:

– 60% of consumers search for local businesses on their smartphone – 70% of all searches on mobile result in action within an hour (according to Social Media Today) – Despite this, companies are still a bit slow-going when it comes to developing a mobile experience for their customers

So why is that? Why are companies dragging when it comes to creating a mobile experience?

In the past, mobile app and mobile website creation wasn’t always affordable, not to mention the fact that it was a lengthy process. In the past, one must have a good working knowledge of coding, HTML and more to be able to create a website, much less a mobile app. And the costly fees for these types of experts often stopped business owners in their tracks.

Nowadays, mobile strategy creation is much easier and worlds more affordable, but business owners haven’t quite jumped fully on the bandwagon yet. It has taken time for the affordability and ease of creating mobile apps to reach the masses, but it is happening, albeit slowly. More and more, SMBs are joining the fray and designing mobile apps that compete with their larger counterparts.

Huge, multi-million dollar companies have joined the app movement and are seeing huge revenues as a result. Some of those companies include:

– Starbucks – Subway – Dominoes – Nandos

These are just four of the major food chains that have joined the app bandwagon, and smaller businesses are following suit.

These mobile apps allow the customer to do all sorts of things that allow for ease and convenience, including:

– Place orders and pay through their app – Collect rewards points and incentives – Get simple customer service – Location-based offers

SMBs that are looking to offer their customers a mobile app should consider these important aspects of designing something interactive that will benefit their customers. Rewards for loyalty, ease and convenience, easy promotion and marketing, customer service, self-service ability, geo-fencing and location based marketing, etc.

All of these components together can make a fantastic app that is functional as well as fun, and will ensure that your customer uses it frequently. Call us today and get started with an inexpensive application customized for your small business: 407.603.6477

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