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What To Do When Social Media Fails You

We’re not gonna lie. In the past few years, social media has let us down. How so, you say? The exposure rates are absolutely horrific. Grant it, we don’t claim to be the social media marketing experts, but honestly, shouldn’t more than 3 people be seeing our posts? See, here’s the deal. Facebook wants you to pay for advertising. After all, they’re a business too. They need to generate some sort of revenue to stay afloat (supposedly).

With that said, what happens if you don’t have hundreds of dollars a month to throw at Facebook advertising? We recommend giving SMS marketing a try. Do yourself a solid. Go sign up for a free plan. What makes SMS so great?

Get this. 99% of text messages are opened within 5 minutes or less.

Now, when comparing that to the exposure rate of social media, which falls below 16%, it’s definitely a no brainer.

Think of it this way. When was the last time you saw someone without a mobile device? As in, it wasn’t within arm’s reach? It’s probably been a while.


Sure, you can post on social media whenever your heart desires. But, that doesn’t mean everyone will see your post. With SMS, we can (almost) guarantee that every single subscriber will open and read your message. With a 99% open rate, what did you expect?


In addition to a free plan, our paid solutions are equally as affordable. For $29 a month, you get 500 text messages and if done correctly, an insane return on your investment.


Texting is definitely more personal than a generic social media blast. With our new customization feature, you can easily insert the subscriber’s first name into all campaigns, which makes your message that much more effective.

Contact us today 301-221-8428 or

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