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16+ Years experience

  • Consulting

  • Digital Marketing

  • Media

  • Creativity

  • Websites

  • Applications




Tezz has been formed with one idea engaging businesses and their clients with simple software solutions. It is run by Anjali Vaya. Having worked in several industries from healthcare, retail, service and insurance industry for the past 16 years I surely understand your clients and can help you create innovative mobile marketing techniques customized for your business.


We help you solve your internet business problems by providing a dedicated team to either build a website, or an application or manage your website and help you market it. A complete management system at a flat fee.


We can help you understand the latest in mobile marketing by using SMS text messaging QR codes, and mobile web sites which will lead to more traffic and increased sales revenue.


Tezz is a company that leverages technology to provide cost effective web solutions for our clients. We provide you with the knowledge and creativity needed to succeed in the competitive online world at an affordable price. The mobile Internet is poised to become more popular than the traditional Internet and we work to make the transition easier for you.


Our logo the Cheetah stands for speed, we understand this is what differentiates you from your competition hence we have a very simple and easy to use web interface with one goal in mind, connect with your customer with real time information.


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