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Looking for examples of brands using text message marketing? If so, this is your lucky day!  Here is the top 50 text message

marketing campaigns, and how to opt-in to each one. This list includes text message marketing campaigns from restaurants, retailers, hotels & casinos, news outlets, nonprofits and many other industries. So without further ado…


#01 - Abercrombie & Fitch

Text JOIN to 231892 to receive Abercrombie & Fitch’s text, terms, etc.


#02 - Aerie

Text FRIENDS to 23743 to receive Aerie’s text, terms, etc.


#03 - Aeropostale

Text JOIN to 237687 (AERO87) to receive Aeropostale’s text, terms, etc.


#04 - AMC Theatres

Text AMC to 242424 to receive AMC Theatres’ text, terms, etc.


#05 - American Eagle Outfitters

Text JOIN to 32453 to receive American Eagle Outfitters’ text, terms, etc.


#06 - Applebee’s

Text JOIN to 22337 to receive Applebee’s text, terms, etc.


#07 - Arby’s

Text ARBYS to 27297 to receive Arby’s text, terms, etc.


#08 - Aria Las Vegas

Text ARIALV to 63095 to receive Aria Las Vegas’ text, terms, etc.


#09 - Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

Text PERKS to 21333 to receive Auntie Anne’s Pretzels’ text, terms, etc.


#10 - Avenue

Text AVE to 40679 to receive Avenue’s text, terms, etc.


#11 - Babies R Us

Text BABIES 9 to 30364 to receive Babies R Us’ text messages.


#12 - Bally’s Casino

Text VEGAS to 227466 to receive Bally’s Casino’s text, terms, etc.


#13 - Baltimore Orioles

Text ORIOLES to 29292 to receive Baltimore Orioles’ text, terms, etc.


#14 - Baskin Robbins

Text OFFER to 31310 to receive Baskin Robbins’ text, terms, etc.


#15 - Bed Bath & Beyond

Text OFFER to 239663 to receive Bed Bath & Beyond’s text, terms, etc.


#16 - Belk

Text JOIN to 23551 to receive Belk’s text, terms, etc.


#17 - Best Buy

Text GAMER to 332211 to receive Best Buy’s text, terms, etc.


#18 - BloomingDales

Text JOIN to 25666 to receive BloomingDales’ text, terms, etc.


#19 - Boston’s Pizza

Text BOSTONS to 30364 to receive Boston’s Pizza’s text, terms, etc.


#20 - Bravo

Text SCOOP to 27286 to receive Bravo’s text, terms, etc.


#21 - Brookshire’s Food and Pharmacy

Text GROCERY to 43101 to receive Brookshire’s Food and Pharmacy’s text, terms, etc.


#22 - Burger King

Text BKALERTS to 287437 to receive Burger King’s text, terms, etc.


#23 - Buybuy BABY

Text OFFER1 to 42229 to receive Buybuy BABY’s text, terms, etc.


#24 - Caribou Coffee

Text CARIBOU to 65017 to receive Caribou Coffee’s text, terms, etc.


#25 - Charlotte Russe

Text CR to 78953 to receive Charlotte Russe’s text, terms, etc.


#26 - Chicago Bulls

Text BULLS to 28557 to receive Chicago Bulls’ text, terms, etc.


#27 - Chipotle

Text CLUB to 888222 to receive Chipotle’s text, terms, etc.


#28 - Circus Circus

Text CLUB to 24399 to receive Circus Circus’ text, terms, etc.


#29 - CNN

Text ALERTS to 26688 to receive CNN’s text, terms, etc.


#30 - Costco

Text COSTCO to 71034 to receive Costco’s text, terms, etc.


#31 - CoverGirl

Text BREEZY to 24475 to receive CoverGirl’s text, terms, etc.


#32 - Cracker Barrel Country Store

Text COUPONS to 22627 to receive Cracker Barrel’s text messages.


#33 - Dazbog Coffee

Text FREEDAZ to 466622 to receive Dazbog Coffee’s text messages.


#34 - Dollar General

Text SAVE to 34898 (DGTXT) to receive Dollar General’s text messages.


#35 -

Text JOIN to 38383 to receive DoSomething’s text, terms, etc.


#36 - Dress Barn

Text JOIN to 21226 to receive Dress Barn’s text, terms, etc.


#37 - Earthfare Healthy Supermarket

Text EAT to 71700 to receive Earthfare’s text, terms, etc.


#38 - Express

Text EXPLUCKY to 397737 to receive Express’ text messages.


#39 - Family Dollar

Text VALUE to 28767 to receive Family Dollar’s text, terms, etc.


#40 - Famous Footwear

Text PROMO to 326687 to receive Famous Footwear’s text, terms, etc.


#41 - Gilly Hicks

Text GHLOVE to 444475 to receive Gilly Hicks’ text, terms, etc.


#42 - Gymboree

Text GYMBOREE to 38109 to receive Gymboree’s text, terms, etc.


#43 - Hibbett Sports

Text MVP to 57758 to receive Hibbett Sports’ text, terms, etc.


#44 - Hollister

Text CALI to 743722 to receive Hollister’s text, terms, etc.


#45 - Hooters

Text MCLUB to 36832 to receive Hooters’ text, terms, etc.


#46 - Hy-Vee’s

Text NOWWOW to 49833 to receive Hy-Vee’s text, terms, etc.


#47 - IKEA

Text JOIN to 62345 to receive IKEA’s text, terms, etc.


#48 - Jack in the Box

Text JACK to 31278 to receive Jack in the Box’s text, terms, etc.


#49 - Jack’s Family Restaurants

Text JOIN to 55958 to receive Jack’s Family Restaurants’ text, terms, etc.


#50 - JC Penney

Text JOIN to 527365 to receive JC Penney’s text, terms, etc.



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