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Digital Billboard Advertising

-Free Data Collection of consumers.
-24/7 Live interactive Billboard/Kiosk.
-Available in over 45 different languages.
-Customization available for every business.
  • Free Data Cection of consumers.

Increase response rates, brand awareness, and return on investment using a single web-based software that integrates every popular messaging channel. For the same price others charge for just email or mobile marketing alone, you can upgrade to a service that integrates it ALL.


  • Standard Placement: $750 per month and the business is placed on ALL the kiosk in that city. This includes the advertiser getting their business placed into category of their choose with their content, offer/promo, picture/logo and a call to action ( sms / text/email )

  • Premium Placement:

  • $950 per month , they get all above plus placed in the top 12 slots/position of that category and their video in the category section

  • Marque Placement:

  • $1250 per month, they get all the above plus they get their b roll ( video placed in the front home page of the kiosk) playing in the display marque window

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