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How Big Should Your SMS Database Be?

Our good friends at Cellit recently evaluated over 9,000 QSR SMS databases, and found that the average QSR database had 791 subscribers per location. We think you can do better than average though, so we recommend the following strategies for all QSR brands when looking to grow their SMS databases.

Offer an opt-in incentive for new subscribers – This strategy works so well for QSR marketing, that we wouldn’t even recommend launching a new QSR mobile marketing campaign without this component. Don’t believe us this strategy works, guess how Taco Bell was able to grow their SMS subscriber database to 13,000 customers in just 5 weeks? They offered a free Frutista Freeze with the purchase of any food item, when a customer joined their mobile program. What’s a Frutista Freeze you ask? I have no clue, but does it matter when they were able to grow their SMS database to 13,000 customers in just 5 weeks?

Reduce database churn – When you send customers a text message, there’s always the chance that they’ll opt out. How do you reduce this chance? You send smart! What does this mean? By sending text messages at just the right time, you can reduce the amount of list churn you experience. Did you know that 72% of people either choose where they will eat less than an hour before or completely on impulse while 20% take an hour or more to decide. It’s true! Did you know that QSR Restaurants that sent text message promotions on the weekend had a 4.75% opt out rate, where QSR restaurants that sent text message promotions on weekdays only had a 1.85% opt out rate.

Are you a QSR brand looking to build a bigger than average SMS marketing list, or even grow your existing QSR customer database? If so, get in touch with the QSR text messaging experts at Tezz Mobile Solutions

Looking for a bunch of good QSR mobile marketing case studies, check these out.

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