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Why Mobile Integration is the “Rising Tide” of Marketing in 2015

If a rising tide lifts all ships, mobile integration is the rising tide of 2015.

In the 2015 State of Marketing survey, we first wanted to know how many of our respondents were using some form of mobile marketing — SMS, push notifications, mobile apps, or location-based functionality. The answer was 46%, compared to 23% in last year’s survey. Then, we wanted to know what percent of those marketers had integrated mobile into their overall marketing strategy. Sixty-eight percent said yes.

The next string of questions is where things got interesting.

This subset of “mobile-integrated marketers” reports significant increases in mobile sales. They’re more likely to shift spend from traditional advertising to digital channels, and increase their spend. They also rate every marketing technology, from CRM tools to marketing automation to social listening tools, as more effective than their non-mobile-integrated counterparts. Let’s take a look.

Percentage of Sales Occurring on Mobile Device by Mobile Integration


In terms of sales occurring on mobile devices, nearly twice as many of those who have integrated mobile see 6% or more in mobile sales (79% of mobile integrated vs. 46% of not mobile integrated).

Marketing Shifting from Traditional Advertising to Digital Channels by Mobile Integration


Marketers Increasing Total Digital Spend Substantially/Somewhat by Mobile Integration


As mobile impacts sales, it also impacts spending on marketing activities. Among marketers who have fully integrated mobile, 84% are increasing their total digital spend substantially/somewhat, compared to 66% for those who haven’t integrated mobile.


Technologies Rated Very Effective/Effective by Marketers, Mobile-Integrated vs. Not Integrated

Marketers who have committed to mobile integration rate all implemented technologies seen here as more effective across the board. This pattern further supports the idea that mobile can’t be treated as an isolated channel, but rather as a key component of the customer journey and enabler of other channels.

For years, marketers have been saying things like “every channel is mobile,” “think mobile first,” because it was the right thing to do to serve the customer. But this data makes a compelling case that it’s also the right thing to do for your marketing ROI.

If you want more in-depth charts that explore this trend, download the complete 2015 State of Marketing report.

This post originally appeared on the Salesforce Blog. written by; Devon McGinnis

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