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Waze Local: Let Waze Drivers See Your Business When They Are Around

Every time I get into my car, the first thing I do is connect my phone and open the Waze app. It surpasses all the features of Google (who owns it) and won’t get you lost like Apple… all while crowdsourcing hazards and traffic along the way. If you’ve got a heavy foot and find yourself getting tickets, it’s extremely helpful as you can both report and see reported speed traps. The police despise Waze.

Waze offers businesses higher visibility with Waze Local. Setup a daily budget and a business category, and your business is promoted to the top of drivers’ search results. Customers near your business are also exposed to branded pins that mark your location on the map. When users taps the result, they’re provided more information and prompted to navigate or save the location.

Waze Local provides a dashboard where businesses can:

  • See their business’s daily reach

  • Track engagements, including navigations and saves

  • Update campaign creative, business locations, and budget

Pricing is a CPM model for as little as $2 a day and billed monthly to your credit card.

If you’re a business with greater than 10 locations, you can also utilize Waze Ads. The interface offers branded pins, mobile screen takeovers, arrows, and prominent search result placement within the mobile application. You can also target the type of driver and where they’re driving, and what’s happening around them (like the weather!).

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